The ability to climate control a “glass room” in Canada where temperature extremes can reach +30c in the summer months and -30c in the winter is a challenging undertaking and one in which success is primarily attributable to two main components of the construction . The Mechanical we engineer for the room (ie HVAC -Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and the quality or insulation properties of the glass used in that space.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Design work on our projects are a 2-phase process. First our HVAC Engineer establishes the anticipated heating and cooling load requirements of the space on paper, no different than how your furnace and air conditioning came to be in your home today . Any special ventilation requirements certain spaces may have are also considered in the case of indoor pools , lap pools , even rooms containing hot tubs and of course Greenhouses . Then this information is used to design and choose the most appropriate means of ventilating , heating and cooling the new space. Methods of the type of mechanical we use is job specific but examples include the following:

– Gas Fireplaces
– Extending existing duct work to tap into pre existing equipment
– Dedicated forced air furnaces with separate a/c units (on larger projects)
– Electric and or hydronic in-floor heating
– Hot water radiators
– Electric convection heaters
– Split system air conditioners, in conventional and heat pump formats
– H.R.V. units
– Thermostatically controlled exhaust fans
– etc …