Perma-Glaze” Sloped Glazing System
The Perma-Wood™ glazing system has evolved through years of experience with thousands of installations and extensive consultations with other experts in sloped glazing, into one of the finest and most fail-proof glazing systems in the world.

The “Perma-Glaze” system features a triple seal system using the finest quality commercial grade silicone that is compatible with the materials used to seal the edge bands of thermal glass units.

This silicone, widely used in commercial glazing in such buildings as the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, is characterized by its high durability, flexibility, tensile strength and adherence capabilities. Its application temperature range is from -37 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius and its performance range is from -62 degrees Celsius to +204 degrees Celsius.

Perma-Wood™ pioneered the use of a “metal to glass” primary silicone seal between the thermal units and the roof rafters of cedar solariums with a custom made aluminum roof cap. The secondary seal is created with a silicone seal surrounding the roof stops. The tertiary seal is effected by an EPDM glazing seat which not only prevents the penetration of external moisture, but, even more importantly, prevents the penetration of warm moist interior air into the cavity between the rafter and the thermal glass unit, where it could condense, causing moisture problems.

The glass seat also performs the secondary function of providing a soft surface on which the glass rests. This, along with proper application of rubber glazing blocks, prevents glass breakage due to the thermal expansion and contraction of framing materials.

The Perma-Wood™ Perma-Glaze sloped glazing system is designed to provide years of trouble free service, as well as easy glass replacement should accidental breakage occur.