Heat Mirror

What is Heat Mirror?
Heat Mirror is a window insulation material that is transparent to light, but highly reflective to heat. It consists of a colourless, coated polyester film, which is suspended midway between two panes of glass inside a sealed insulating unit. Heat Mirror is best described as “Transparent Insulation”.

How Does it Work?
Heat Mirror combines a heat reflective (low-emissivity) coating with two internal air spaces to block both conductive and radiated heat flow. This unique construction enables Heat Mirror to offer insulation performance superior to any other glass on the market. While clear as glass, it actually reflects heat back to its source – to the outside in summer and to the inside in winter.

How Important is “R-4” Insulation Performance?
It is a fact that you can reduce heat loss more effectively by switching from ordinary double pane glass (R-2) to Heat Mirror units (average R-4.5) than by raising the insulation value of an equal area of R-12 wall, all the way up to R-100! The same is true of switching from the most popular types of Low-E glass to Heat Mirror.

craneWill Heat Mirror lower energy costs?

In winter, heat flows from a warm interior, through your windows, to the cold exterior. Hence, the higher R-value of Heat Mirror reduces heating costs. In summer, heat flows from the outside to the inside and the high R-value again means that less heat will pass through – hence reduced air-conditioning costs. As energy prices increase over time, so will your savings, year after year.

Does Heat Mirror Control Condensation?
The colder the surface, the more readily condensation collects on it, particularly in high humidity areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Heat Mirror’s unique construction provides superior resistance to moisture build-up, even at below freezing temperatures!

What About Damage from Fading?
Low performance windows let in the sun’s ultraviolet radiation that fades drapes, carpeting and upholstery. Heat Mirror equipped windows block out 99.5% of these damaging rays; in fact, compared with unprotected windows, fabrics behind Heat Mirror glazing retain their original colour up to three times longer-thereby reducing replacement costs.

Is Heat Mirror Harmful to Plants?
Heat Mirror windows block the infrared radiation that scorches plant leaves, while letting in the light that plants need for healthy growth. In addition, growth improves because Heat Mirror eliminates the wide temperature swings of conventional glazing. You can now enjoy your greenery all year round.

How About Solariums?
If you want your home to have the open dramatic look that only large expanses of glass can provide, than glazing with Heat Mirror is the answer. It gives you the freedom to enjoy more glass than with double pane or even other Low-E products, without increasing energy use or sacrificing comfort. Heat Mirror is so effective that it eliminates the need for expensive insulating shades or shutters.

What are the Real Benefits of Heat Mirror?
– Lower Energy Costs
– Effective Condensation Control
– Reduced Fabric Fading
– Improved Plant Growth
– Design Freedom
– Year Round Comfortjordan release date | Nike