York Region Timber Framed Family Room / Kitchen Addition

N-Moorcroft-afterThis 1970’s custom built two storey home was situated on a 10 acre parcel, 45 minutes north of Toronto. This clients dilemma was several fold; the kitchen was too small for their growing family (2 sets of twins under 4 years old!) and quite dated, the house was located on an expansive property but they had no view of it, and finally the adjacent existing dining room was approximately 11 ft wide x 13 ft deep, which, with a family of six plus friends and extended family, was really not a serviceable dining room at all.

Unlike some more “destination” oriented spaces we have created in the past, this new space is a true example of open concept living and the removal of the former interior/exterior house walls were as important as the new room footprint we created. The combination of creating new space and reallocating existing space allowed us the opportunity to create one new large open concept “public area” in the house where the client will do all of their day-to-day living. The kitchen proper for cooking, and an island for food preparation, casual eating, entertaining and even home work, a dining area and last but not least, a soft seating area which in this instance is grounded by the new wood burning fireplace.
You may click on the images below to view the development of this project from first drawings to finished addition. Use the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons in the upper side edges of the enlarged images to view the case study sequentially.