Inner City Atrium

morton-beauty_shotThis private residence, located in Toronto’s inner-city had a very limited rear courtyard and was limited to very strict zoning requirements for renovations .
As an older masonry home with a typical narrow galley style kitchen and limited relationship to the backyard/courtyard the client wished to create a “glass room” that would follow the shape allowed by zoning bylaws. Moreover the client wanted to connect with the landscaped courtyard surroundings while creating an open-concept kitchen and living space.
The client had a very passionate interest in all aspects of the project undertaken as environmentally conscious as possible, including but not limited to:

• All natural framing material (no green lumber)
• Biodegradable stain products
• Copper flashings (where aluminum might have been used elsewhere )
• A “green“ flat roof
• High efficiency thermal glazing ( R7-10)
• Radiant heated floors
• Photovoltaic cells

The result was a new, bright, and open main floor kitchen with island and a soft seating area with a renewed relationship to the landscaped courtyard.
You may click on the images below to view the development of this project from first drawings to finished addition. Use the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons in the upper side edges of the enlarged images to view the case study sequentially.