Classic Country Conservatory

M-watsa-afterConceived and designed in 2004 with AMS Architects of Toronto, this conservatory was created with the architecture of the original log cabin in mind, but as a unique design that was intended to stand alone as the focal point for the rear façade of this beautifully restored and renovated home. The goal for the room was really quite simple – despite the complexity of the “combination glass” roof, to create a space for “outdoor living, indoors”.

The house serves as a country retreat and with its expansive property and breathtaking views the clients wished for a place inside their home where they wouldn’t simply be confined to looking through a single window or door at their surroundings, a room where they would feel as though they were “a part of their surroundings”. This 600 sq ft conservatory gave them that room. To further enhance the expansive feeling of the space, the rear wall of the house was removed, making the new glass space fully open to the house beyond, and truly making it “the heart of the home”.

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