Bloor West Glass “Tree House”


This solarium was built onto an inner city private residence with a challenging ravine lot that necessitated positioning the new room on the edge of an escarpment.  The older ” Bloor West” masonry home had a typically limited relationship with the surrounding ravine. The  concept for the new space then, was to change this and create an open concept room built into the hill and up against the trees beyond. In essence, the 60 ft drop in elevation makes the new space comparable to a  “glass tree house” of sorts.

A helical pier system was used to drill support columns some 20 ft into the side of the escarpment without disturbing the grade and/or floral life which was required due to the sensitive ravine control nature of the property. In conjunction to the new addition, a suspended deck was created adjacent to the new living space to further enhance the indoor/outdoor relationship.

The result was a new main floor family room in a house that previously didn’t have one and a renewed relationship with what was the strength of the property in the first place – the backyard ravine and forest.

You may click on the images below to view the development of this project from first drawings to finished addition. Use the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons in the upper side edges of the enlarged images to view the case study sequentially.