Service Department

crewAt Perma-Wood ™ our primary business has always been the design, manufacture and installation of custom glass rooms for our client’s homes. Implicit with this undertaking to build only “the best” , is our desire to build a relationship with all of our customers that lasts well beyond the terms of our comprehensive 5 year transferable Homeowners Warranty Certificate. Although many might go into this process assuming that the job is done with the “setting of the last nail head”, we conversely like to think of this moment as only the beginning of our relationship with you and not the end.

After nearly 30 years of construction experience, research and development and the inevitable advances in technology, our proprietary glazing system have developed to be one of the most reliable anywhere. This depth of knowledge has afforded us the ability to push the limits on what is possible when it comes to building “glass houses” in our harsh Canadian climate.

Since the late 1980’s when the idea of the Perma Wood Service Department was born we have been exposed to dozens of different makes of solariums and sunrooms, some “home made“but many from companies that are no longer in solarium business. Our longevity in the industry has given us the unique opportunity to learn from others mistakes, and broaden our client base to include individuals that might not have originally had a Perma-Wood ™ room on their home but now look to us for assistance in bringing these spaces up to present day Perma-Wood ™ standards.

The services that we offer in this regard include but are not limited to, glass upgrades, reglazing, flashing alterations, refinishing, door and window replacement and even glass cleaning. To contact us for any of the above or if you simply have an inquiry about a room you may have on your home, simply contact us at 1888 PERMA WD and we will be in happy to help you.
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