Our People

Our company employs a staff of approximately 30 and operates out of our Markham, Ontario based Head Office and Showroom with a separate manufacturing facility also located in Markham. Our roots in this industry take us back to the early 1980’s, to a time when the solarium industry was fairly undeveloped in Canada. Although it can be said that the spirit of what we do has persisted over the years, it is the way that we do it that has evolved. For the most part, this is because of “our people”.

At first, many of our potential clients think of adding a room such as those you see here, as simply buying a “product”, but it i s so much more. Whether referred to as a solarium, sunroom, conservatory or greenhouse, this is not simply something you buy in a store, take home and remove from a box. This is a lifestyle decision. A room like this is custom designed and built specifically for your home and to meet your individual needs. This is why we believe what we do is more of a “service “oriented business than a “product “oriented business. So, when asked “what makes us different? “. The short answer is “our people “.

Together our team has accumulated what amounts to hundreds of years of experience designing and building these spaces. If “practice makes perfect”, then we have had lots of practice! Over the past 25 + years, Perma-Wood ® has installed thousands of solariums and many of our staff, myself included, have been doing this since the 1980s. Solariums are our business; they are not a hobby and they are not a sideline.

Looking at the production process, each room that we create may involve as many as 25 or more people from our organization. In addition to our core staff, key suppliers and specialized trades also play an important role. From concept to completion, this includes design, engineering, permit applications, manufacturing, installation, and finishing details. Production is both involved and complex. Although a “jack of all trades” mentality may be prevalent in some sectors of the construction industry, there is no such thing at Perma-Wood ®. To support our commitment to creating a top quality product, every team member has a specific skill set to bring to the task at hand. It is that collective talent pool that makes the difference.

In the end, what we do and how we do it is what makes Perma-Wood ® stand above the rest. To create a custom architectural glass addition of our quality, it requires creativity, knowledge, experience and skill. When making a purchase of this magnitude, find the company with the very best people, and likely you have found the company with the very best product. This is what makes Perma-Wood ®, a story about “OUR PEOPLE“.

Kevin McAleese

Kevin McAleese