Upgrade your living room with Permawood Solariums

PROJECT: The Beaver Valley Fold Away and Glass Rail 

Construction Time: Approximately 3/4 Months

The property owner wanted a home renovation; a “destination room”, a place to relax after a day of skiing. 

Installing an entire wall of glass and skylight steeples achieved the feel they wanted but what makes it unique, a “destination room”, is the folding wall (with retractable bug screen) that opens onto the deck. Glass railings around the deck allow for maximum views. Not to mention the commercial grade snow melting system Permawood installed on the entire roof of the home.  So, forget about any unexpected drifts coming off the roof or landing in front of the door, keeping the way as clear as a sunny winter day.   

Here’s the result of taking a regular living room with a potentially great view and realizing that potential. Imagine turning any old winter day into an indoor/outdoor patio setting much like you find in a sky lodge chalet. Hot tub anyone? 

If it’s this amazing in the winter just imagine the fun you could have in the summer time. I can hear the Margaretville already.

Building your dream home is one thing. Improving on that dream home is what Perm-Wood Solariums and Additions has mastered after 30 years.

If you want to take your sun room, or your entire home to the next level; if you love beautiful homes and interior design ideas; if you yourself would be interested or have a friend that would love to see what’s possible with Perma-Wood Solariums please follow us and share this post.